Build Blocks Wii

Build Blocks - simple 3D sandbox game with blocks for Wii.

Modded Wii with Homebrew Channel (or equivalent launcher app) is required to run this game.

v 0.2:

New version with:

v 0.1:

There's no gui yet, and you can only place/remove blocks on 8x8x8 board. Up to 4 players on one screen are supported. Standard Wii Remote is required for controlling stuff. 16:9 and 4:3 TVs are supported. Should also work with Wii U on virtual Wii mode, but this is not confirmed yet.

Anyway it's first test build so don't expect too much.

Controls (standard wii remote):

Download: - v0.2, latest version - v0.1, first public test version

Video from version 0.2:

Video from version 0.1: